Write away…

Yes dear writer, just you write away…
The written word is here to stay. Period.
Undoubtedly, its enduring quality has successfully laid to rest the debate and fears over the years of the electronic substitutes taking over the paper versions of books and journals. And undeterred by the phobias inculcated in people like me who went through the scare tactics of the movie makers of the 80s that prognosed a very techy, sci-fi-ish filled with automatons world that was soon going to perish come the Dooms day, the ‘word’ is out there and we’ve all survived.
If anything, writing has increased in every sphere ranging from fiction to non-fiction, poetry to industrial or technical work and then some. The point then is not whether books would survive but rather that the written word would survive. It may be dressed up (as prose or poetry) in any which way and ride any vehicle (electronic or paper books) or any other form in the future but its existence will never be in any jeopardy that’s for sure.

‘Why do writers write? Because it isn’t there.’ Thomas Berger.

An economist’s view would explain it as a simple case of the demand being there and therefore the supply. A demand? For what? To address what?
Do we read anything with the idea that what we want to read is already there in the print or do we start wanting to know about something and so create a demand and hence the info?
While laws, rules and regulations of a country or a company would fall in the first category as subjects that need to be told to people as a matter of plain fact. But one wonders about the latter category, the so called ‘demand creators’ if I may put it so. What does the demand comprise of? Horror, supernatural, humour, romance, thrillers, detective, mystery, biography, autobiography are the common genres of writing that we see very regularly. We’ve got a variety of stories to read in each kind with a variety of writers bringing their own way of looking at the world. Most writers are readers first who have often have something to say in their own special way to bring an individual’s uniqueness into a tale that may have been around for a zillion years already!
Some write because they’ve got a story inside them just waiting to come out. As Maya Angelou puts it-‘There’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.’ Those are the reads that make for a compelling story because in most cases they aren’t just plain tales of misery or miracles but lessons taught by life’s undulating crests and troughs. The diary of Anne Frank, The Help, The Sound of music, The Schindler’s list are some stories that run in biographical or auto biographical form but touch us the most because the thread has elements that we can identify with at several points. For a writer who has already undergone the deal, putting those experiences into words is more often a cathartic release that enables a person gain his/her emotional equilibrium after the squall. It helps make sense of our everyday lives and deal with any or many turning points of life in a rational way that may even inspire one to move forwards. In fact therapists helping those in managing stress now recommend people to maintain journals to log in their emotional juggernauts regularly for a better emotional health.Writing really enhances one’s way of living in a more satisfying and richer way than any other way.No doubt there.
That the techno world wouldn’t overcome the smell of lignin in my books is a huge relief to me and what I now need to worry about is keeping the termites and silver fish at bay. Better be me that relishes the word than them. Till next write up- write on, write away!


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