A Dogged Follower

While the skies try to break the clouds apart and release some much awaited showers of relief, it remains humid, muggy, and unrelenting. The monsoons need to be renamed ‘come soon’ I tell you, the way we keep reciting its name like a sacred mantra. Rains here in my part of the world i.e. India, have been a bit hesitant in coming in full swing this year although the clouds have been swirling dutifully since the beginning of this month. The sun is trying its best to outdo the clouds covering its strong rays so we end up seeing no sun but just feeling its heat. Not an ideal weather to sit inside a room really. Not driving one to be out either but then one needs to take care of the restlessness that bugs one to take the first step to outdoors.

Out from the confines of the four walls is a welcoming feeling though the wind just blows in irregular gusts. The setting sun gives that nice golden sheen to everything before hiding completely from sight. It always amazes me at how wonderful it feels to be away from the electronic gadgets, the concrete of the building (however comfortable it is inside) and most importantly, running of the daily grind.

I take the path that’s lined more with green trees and has lesser traffic on it. The trees look still but ready to wave me hello and bye with any light wind. A few minutes into my walk and I am sweating a bit. There was a windstorm a day back and it had managed to scatter quite a few young branches and leaves along the way. I am mindful of the wayward twigs that are aiming directly towards me and crunch some under my feet looking to step on an empty space to avoid scratches.    

As I am about to put out my foot on one such patch, a rolled up thing in white raises its beady eyes and nose up to me and I pull back in reflex while emitting a cry of surprise. Oh wow!  It’s a puppy. Of all the places why did it choose to sit on that footpath? I grumble inwardly, a bit shaken by the fact that I would’ve stepped on it and hurt it.dog2

And now it’s following me.

What is it with them dogs? Why do they always want to follow somebody? They just can’t do without doling out their bundle of love to all humans. I walk a few paces and it is right there behind me. I ignore it and keep walking. It is too tiny to keep pace with my strides and I want to shake it off. After about 300 metres I turn back and find it break into a run towards me.

‘Hellooo….. I don’t want a pet. Go to your friends.’ I telepathically send out the message.

Probably telepathy takes time to reach its target. I continue walking and so does my follower. It stops a couple of times undecided or maybe tired but then starts to run after me in small quick gallops keeping to the left of the road and avoiding any possible run over by a vehicle.

I am intrigued now. What made it follow me? Perhaps the cry I’d emitted when I’d suddenly spotted it must have sounded like a howl that in its language interpreted as something homely.  I’d wanted to increase my blog following somehow and God in his mysterious ways of working found me one he understood well. God may not be aware of e-networking or is this his sense of humour at play?


 I am a bit concerned by now with its behaviour. What if it doesn’t give up and follows me home? Will I be able to keep it? Where should I keep it? Actually taking care isn’t an easy job if you aren’t prepared for it. I’ve already had a pet of mine that we loved dearly, stolen and then kids were heart broken. I’ve made a silent promise to myself to not get into any such deal that ends up being heartache.

I’ve walked on quite a distance from where it had started following me and it was still there, doggedly and devotedly. I’ve led myself to stop worrying about ‘what should happen….’ and am enjoying the walk. A light breeze has begun and the temperature is a bit down. And then all at once I come across two strays sprawled on the road like kings. My heart skips a beat. Uh oh, it’s their territory and the little puppy has naively stepped in. Should I shoo them away. One has already gotten up, alert and keen eyed to take stock of the situation. I’ve watched enough episodes of ‘The Dog Whisperer’ to know that the dogs need to check each other out by smelling. This is their way of making acquaintance.dog3

The older dog takes its time judging the younger one. It is merely observing the little one but for a long time. The little one stands looking this side and that but standing its ground. I’ve walked a considerable distance by now and have to turn to the side of a park. I am still able to see it from here. The older dog has relented and moved out of its way. The younger one perks up its ears and takes a few steps forward and then stops. It is unable to locate me. A man walking the opposite way to mine passes it by. The puppy looks at him, walks a few steps, then sits on his haunches as if considering.

And now it decides to follow him.

Good luck this time dog and thanks for considering me.            


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