YOLO – Having Some…..

Ahhh………. but we are living a silent revolution dear God!

Every day with each passing moment, we are faced with  new waves- the various changes around us, new beliefs, new perspectives that we’d never thought ourselves capable of arriving at, newer dilemmas and possibly challenges we aren’t ready to take on.
And ever since Pepsico CEO Indira Nooyi started the debate on women ‘can’t have it all’ men have also started voicing their angst about them too not having a fair deal after all. Who in this huge world is ever satisfied with their lot really huh? We actually work towards the goals that we think we want or will give us satisfaction or happiness. They may be achievable but there’s also a big chance that many other things not in focus now are getting relegated to the sidelines.

There’s a lovely ghazal by the famous Indian Urdu poet Nida Fazli that goes as- ‘Kabhi kisi ko muqquamal jahan nahin milta, kabhi zamin toh kahin aasman nahin milta….’

It means, no one attains the complete universe ever.
One may not get the earth or sometimes the sky….

The notes seem poignant but ring true the fact that there’s a zillion things teeming around us but we can’t possibly own them all. That’s the way nature plans it. We surround ourselves with things that we need the most followed by those that we think we need but actually can do without. Priority decides for us. We feel the need to have those things in turn for which one needs to earn.To earn we must have a job in turn for which we create a career, in turn for which we must do exceedingly well in our chosen field so as to be called ‘a thorough professional’ or a ‘workhorse’ or some natty word or the other that takes up twenty out of twenty four hours of each day. But you’re getting to wear that crown others wont get. Then many years after God gave you that wisdom tooth, it suddenly occurs that you needed to find that ‘work-life balance’. That is one of the most over used as well as vied for cliche one can come across. Many changes would’ve taken place by now that wouldn’t warrant a changeover at that stage in life. Old parents may no longer be with us, children may have left the nest, we’ve advanced in age and what held interest in the past won’t seem that appealing any more. A homemaker may crave a life outside of the four walls but age and work experience may not be with her while an executive may want to spend time with his family but children may have grown up and found other areas of interest. Finding a balance may be an elusive thing altogether. When we put too much of our time into something it may not be easy to extricate oneself from the set routine of several years.

And as the lyrics succinctly put the impracticality of aspiring the impossible in a few words. One cannot be everything all at once though strive for it one may. We can only have some more of a thing and less of something else. That’s because, even if we reach the acme of modernization of our societies and scientific advancements we will still be left with twenty four hours in a day in which to fulfill our aims and goals with limited  energy levels in our own bodies that we may keep pushing like robots. Optimal use of time and keeping good health will help get that sought after work-life balance in the best possible way. And add some more choices to your main focus/es. After all you live only once. Why let it go in pursuing just some goals that wouldn’t bring you the EQ that you’d be seeking ultimately?

None can have it all, so make the best of little bit of everything I say.

























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