God behind the gate



That gate fascinates me. It’s a solid iron gate, painted black that firmly closes the entrance to a wooded tract of land and which remains locked always. The boundary of the tract is lined by steel barbed wire all around it that ends tethered to the black gate that has a slotted design welded in its make. A line of pretty white and sometimes interspersed with red flowers dots the horizontal length in the slots midway through the gate.

What are they there for?

Apparently they are an offering made by some people. The mystery is solved as I take a peek inside the black gate and find another smaller gate or rather a doorway, someway beyond to this one. The pyramidal head of a small ancient temple, hides behind the shadows caused by the tree cover and the clouds that seem to stay permanently stuck overhead and threaten to break open their heart at any moment.

The God is kept hidden by its keepers from the ever keen flocks of its followers. The doors will open at a determined time later and there’s another approach road to it that must be somewhat out of the way for some at least. Those that have to reach their destinations early in the morning whether to schools or offices, and cannot stay or spend much time with their God, have wished him good morning and gone on their way again. Those that came for an early morning walk or exercise do not want to lose their rhythm and have offered a flower or two and registered their presence too. Those ones with shaky bones who came out to air themselves and found the other road difficult to trudge along on have bowed their heads in deep reverence, mumbling those esoteric mantras that’d bring health and prosperity on them and their families. They have placed the white flower on the black gate, certain in their hearts that the God is listening to them and has accepted their offering happily.

The unseen God will of course come out later and see the flowers kept there on the black gate for him. He’ll touch them and absorb their scents and colours so that they will then lie there brown and dry and then get blown away by the wind. The God will be remembered the next day too.


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