A Book of Two Pages…… a poem from my poetry ebook ‘The Vagrant’

I cried when I was detached

From my umbilical string

I rued my un-rooting and

Unravelling to the world

Un-tethered I went,arm to arm

Sigh to sigh; “You’re our daughter”

Whispered a soothing hand

And I wept away my anonymity

Enjoying the given identity

I grew and grew and then outgrew

The yearning for the sacred string

I wore and played what

Most daughters do, I jumped and

Frolicked over puddles and pools

I climbed up the gates and twirled the stool

SISTER! You mustn’t.

Behove of your tribe!

Oh brother! Oh bother!

Why such rules are applied?

The question moved from brother

To father and then to my mother

Tenderly, she so replied

‘Do not fret, you image of my own, for the

Seeds of rich promises were sown

When I conceived you in my mind itself

Just like me and your granny

You’ll take charge of the grain and the penny

You’ll do well in times to come

Just do not ask why it’s done, what’s done’

Gazing at me she spoke not to me

‘Ours is a book of two pages, my dear.

To add some more

Will need patience of the sages’

In silence I heard what she said and said not

Conjoining our hearts of its own accord

Stealthily….a thought stormed in and

My mind was filled up with pages and pages.


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