A poem– Yearning

Say, did you hear someone call your name?
As you turned around and looked at me with pain
And found me unmoved and lips sealed with silence
As I’ve remained for so long in your absence
Moving on in life but held in a moment
When love caught us blind in its current
And then our luck ran opposite & upstream
But I believe we’re still holding fast our dreams
Dare I believe that dreams do come true,
That there’s destiny for me and you
Do I believe in a second chance?
That there can be a life long romance?                                                                                                                                   On my Canvas of Dreams a vision still hazy                                                                                                                               I raise a brush to paint some story                                                                                                                                             A museum of memories or a fine Art gallery                                                                                                                           Will we find each other or  stay lonely?

       Canvas of Dreams is an engaging romance story by Jaya Siva Murty revealing the constant tug of heart strings of a young widow Riya, who suddenly finds herself closer to her first love Ryan even while Rehaan is trying to woo her heart through their common love of art. The situation is confusing Riya who is trying to make sense of the upheaval in her life after her husband’s death (murder?) and the disturbing dreams she has so frequently been having. Though her good friend Shweta and her art gallery work help keep her occupied will she be free of her demons? And will she actually get what her heart dreams of? Read on…

Meet the Author

 Jaya Siva Murty is a business writer and social media manager from Visakhapatnam, India. Fascinated with the written word since the age of ten, she would file away her poems and short stories in a secret diary, till some were finally published by ‘Times of India’ and ‘Savvy’. She has written for the Economic Times and now provides India-relevant stories for a Hong Kong based magazine. When she’s not designing content for websites, or writing technical blogs and articles for clients worldwide, she spins yarns with unusual twists and turns through her works of fiction.
Jaya holds a business management degree and has taken creativity lessons at Stanford University. ‘Canvas of Dreams’ is her debut foray into novella writing.

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