True Love

Just four more days remain to bring in the date much celebrated and cele-berated as the day of love and romance this 14th. Spouses, friends, partners will proclaim their tender feelings via Tinder, cards, roses, gifts or may be plan something unique and personal to kindle and affirm their promises and commitment to each other. Many will make time to fit an hour or two of their busy office lives to be with their special one and be back to finish off the work pile before the day got over. In short, just the sort of metrosexual burst of festive madness and then we’re back into the mindfulness of daily businesses.

And then I come across this hugely touching piece of news in today’s Times Of India about a 45 year old travel employee Vijendra Singh, hailing from Alwar district of Rajasthan who had taken his wife and thirty other passengers to a pilgrims trip to Kedarnath temple in Uttarakhand in 2013 when disaster struck in form of the devastating floods that had unleashed to make it the most destructive natural disaster to date in those hills. Vijendra’s wife went missing in the melee and after much searching was given up as dead. While others lost any hope and believed her to be dead, Vijendra continued looking for her in those tough surroundings going from village to village showing people his wife Leela’s photograph for identification. His search continued for 19 months! Leela

Can you believe that!!! This despite the fact that the government had already paid his family a compensation of Rs 9 Lakhs. OMG! OMG! OMG!

Could anyone love someone so simply and unconditionally?

As the story goes in the new report, he found Leela in a remote village in the Himalayas alive but too traumatized to speak or recall her past. The amount of destruction and loss of lives happenning before ones eyes would do that to anyone. She seemed to recognise her son and applied tika to the foreheads of her returning relatives but other than that there is not much reaction coming from her. Her whole family is a willing participant to patiently wait for the day when she’ll smile.

So much love and faith in an age not known to be merciful to ones kin, makes me salute this simple small town man for helping reclaim one’s faith in humanity. Perhaps the true sentiments of love, responsibility and total acceptance of each other is to be found lurking in the tiny corners and by-lanes of small towns for whom time is less important than valuing relations. Jai ho!

(Photo courtesy Times Of India)


4 thoughts on “True Love

  1. Can you provide me the contact details of Vijendra Singh so that we can contact him as our relatives were lost in the same tragedy – reference blog of 09 Feb 2015 — True Love –thanks S C Garg


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