Writing 201-Acrostic, internal rhyme- Trust

A lone ranger you may be, ah! the tragedy,

Love lorn your heart will ever remain; for more & again

Will he, won’t he? love me or claim me?

All you care is another hunt, another snare

Yes I’ll be your friend, to the earth’s other end

Secure of a back-up, no issues will I rake up

Check the crack in the dam, I’m done damn you!

Over with the ache, out with the farce, for our sake

Undo the ties that belie the truth

Never believe I am- far too gone in this sham

Truth be told, I saw us together grow old

One life we know, we reap what we sow

Nothing more than your thoughts;you’re all about wild oats!

Me and my chatter, are things that don’t matter

Ever so my dear friend, we can see it through the curve & bend.


2 thoughts on “Writing 201-Acrostic, internal rhyme- Trust

  1. I loved this poem, all the emotions and thoughts going wild inside the speaker’s mind – my fave phrase being, “all you wild oats!” Haha, it was great. Loved the message the first letters spell out as well, very nicely done 🙂

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