Ballad:Anaphora/Epistrophe: Hero/villain: The Human Song

The Human Song Stretching the self across that green stretch In a land illumined by words and chants Pure air with peace and learning enmesh Such a place have I been in past; Where Minding the Gods with meditative minds Lulling the deities with the tinkle of temple bells Raising hands only to greet & give a word so kind Where every soul was kindred & a bard so soulful An upturned dinner plate & spoon to bang in a tune Catching someone’s laughter while heart went joyful And the flowers absorbed a hum from the air in June It’s the ‘human’ song cried the bee without care Rich were they; ignorance of the richness was bliss Till such a time when they saw factories or the tin tinning till Sea, land, or sky is the limit and business is all you see Human sits agape and men hold the courtly court.


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