Writing 201:Ode/Apostrophe: Drawer

An Ode to the Drawer

Oh wrench away from world, oh do

Bring close the head, Word- it’s keypad

There’s loads of work to do

Study the table bare and lonesome

Cleaned free of dusty thoughts

A single one lurks behind the modem

That won’t do, won’t give, won’t take, Ha!

All business of ideas fall flat on surface

Oh where, oh where is my moment of ‘Aha’?

The knobs wobble when you open or close

We keep clean in our home

Even if some nuts are on loose.

The teak brown sheen’s of fresh varnish

A white ear of paper peeks out of turn. Out!

With it! How thoughtlessly you all vanish!

Drawn by the drawer, I pull it to me. Whee!

Like errant children hiding behind others back

They seek, implore sweet release of me.

Oh what mayhem Pandora kept!

Let it trickle slow, some now

My little chamber of secrets.


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