(Rhyme scheme:ababcdecde)

Those tatters hold some signs, some letters

With sharp tipped arrows pointed a-right

Dulled from the days they’d seen better

  Showing quick turn where a lamp shone bright

Some other tattoos etched in sombrely

A house, a temple, a banyan, a T-junction

Faded inscription hiding a mystery

Perched above a way bridge, what tells that star?

A bunch of asterisks with an ear like interrogation

Familiar like a family you know from far


What secrets you hold Old grandfather?

Mysterious in your ways that young won’t fathom

You hold me spell bound you practised charmer!

I hug and kiss fondly to your bosom

Urging the secret you hold to secrete without?

Your lines meld the longis into lattitudes

The mountains hang half & rivers run into a hole

The contours simulate a nuclear blowout

Waiting upon the gnarled roots on the three roads  it obtrudes

Am trying to figure a way to make the dice roll.


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