Flavour /Elegy/Enumeratio


Have you ever tasted

Smoked potatoes?

That smelled the greatest

With smoking tobacco?

When the sun rose up

And pine air madly ran about

Collecting graces from lunch n sups

And fragrances from chimney came out

On yearly visits to the hilltown in summer

When grandkkids wrapped around everything

Grandma’s kitchen ran fuller

With food, people, joy & zing

She cooked potatoes  with salt & spice

While grandpa arranged parts of his hookah

Transforming its spirit to something nice

Working in tandem amid clouds like loofah

Grandpa cooked tobacco on coal

Grandma sprinkled a pint of Ganges

The magic made the the dish come whole

And the humble became sacred vegies!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 hookah

Images courtesy cookinggames.com and colourbox.com



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